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Position Details: Business Consultant - Senior

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Openings: 1
Salary Range:




·         Specifying the organization's objectives, developing policies, standards and plans to achieve objectives

·         Advising Senior Management on a range of issues affecting the organization's ability to achieve the business objectives

·         Identifying opportunities for, assisting in the prioritization of, and assignment of organizational improvement

·         Developing and/or managing the implementation of an organizational improvement plan to identify, analyze, plan, track and control organizational improvements on a continuous basis

·         Making recommendations and providing advice for improvements and assisting in developing solutions and implementing recommendations

·         Collecting and analyzing information and presenting findings on complex issues, carrying out or coordinating research as required and preparing reports

·         Defining and producing business requirement document

·         Coaching on business

·         Assisting stakeholders with understanding their strategic goals

·         Analyzing stakeholder's business objectives and recommending and developing solutions to address their business problem

·         Implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its objectives

·         Assessing the organization's capacity/capability to undertake and successfully deliver an initiative or a change

·         Defining, developing and implementing business strategies and plans

·         Examining the link between the goals of the organization and how the work is performed to achieve those objectives at strategic and operational levels

·         Processing problems into solutions or new opportunities/initiatives, identifying and researching best practices

·         Performing Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis

·         Developing Mission and Vision statements




The Business Consultant must perform the following tasks if required by the Project Authority:

·         Consider best practices in other government departments;

·         Ensure consistency with Government of Canada policy frameworks and initiatives;

·         Take into account the impacts of transformative activities happening within DND and the Government at large;

·         Engage relevant parties as appropriate in the development of final products;

·         Identify options for business models and identify opportunities to strengthen, reform, and realign duties to build strength;

·         Propose realignment of roles and responsibilities so as to meet the needs of transformation while achieving targeting resource reductions;

·         Identify risks to the implementation of proposals, together with risk mitigation strategies; and

·         Develop implementation strategies where required.






·         Must clearly demonstrate that the proposed resource has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for at least three (3) years in the Government of Canada within the last ten (10) years and a CIO in the public or private sector within the past fifteen (15) years


·         Must clearly demonstrate that the proposed resource has a minimum of ten (10) years of experience in the last fifteen (15) years providing strategic advice and direction for financial or corporate management systems to senior management in the Public Sector.


·         Must clearly demonstrate that the proposed resource has three (3) years of experience in the business transformation of SAP based financial systems within the last ten (10 years) within the Government of Canada.


·         Must clearly demonstrate that the proposed resource has at least ten (10) years’ experience within the last (15) years at the Senior Management level in developing a broad range of processes and policies in an Information Management/Information Technology/Enterprise Transformation environment.

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