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Position Details: TSPS - Change Management Consultant

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Openings: 1
Salary Range:




·         Develop an overall project implementation plan, including timelines, milestones and performance parameters, for the implementation of the Strategy (the Project).

·         Identify any overall or specific Project risks, and recommend strategies for risk mitigation and management.

·         Directly advise and support the internal project team through project planning and implementation phases, (i.e. up to 6 months pre-launch, and years 1 and 2). Specific products and timeframes to be negotiated.

·         Create and support use of various tools, templates and processes, as required, to support project management of the Strategy, including measuring and reporting on project progress.

·         Identify problems and provide recommendations, including new or modified project elements, new tools or processes, to resolve these problems.\

·         Lead a change impact analysis regarding not only the implementation of the new Strategy, but cumulative effect of changes to the organization in recent years; lead the development of a regional organizational change management action plan, which would include, among other things:

·         Organization of a Transition Team (the Team) of internal cross-program and branch management and staff to help communicate the changes within programs and branches. Including tools and support to enable the Team to become self-sufficient for ongoing transition requirements, including the capacity building dimension associated with program growth;

·         Advice on building strategic integration within the regional organization and engaging within respective Branches on the cross-program and cross-branch changes;

·         A feedback loop or mechanism for the Team to gather thoughts/ideas/comments from within their respective Branches;

·         A survey key Directors and Regional Directors on such issues as employee feedback and implementation progress, and reporting back to senior management on a regular basis;

·         An internal communications plan for the Team to share within their respective programs and branches; and

·         Development of an external communication plans to ensure consistency of messages between internal and external plans.

·         Guide and advise the Team, including organizing and leading teleconferences, MS Teams meetings and, face to face meetings, if appropriate; and preparing meetings agendas, preparing material for meetings and associated logistics, including note taking and meeting minutes.

·         Engaging more broadly with regional senior management, directors and managers in most affected in the Programs via meetings/phone calls/emails, including ;

·         As appropriate, identifying and developing strategies in relation to broader organizational culture change that may be required to support the implementation of the Strategy.

·         Support the organizational realignment process, as outlined below, in particular, any program specific organization re-alignment that may be approve through that process and require change management support and expertise.

·         As appropriate, travel within BC and Yukon (Whitehorse) to engage staff.







·         The proposed resource must have a minimum of one-hundred twenty (120) months of experience in the areas of project management, change management and organizational design, including staff engagement, training, meeting facilitation and communications in each of those areas.



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