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Position Details: ATIP Consultants

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Openings: 12
Salary Range:




·         Review the request, ensure that all responsive records is in the case file, and obtain missing information if necessary,

·         Through the application of the rules set out in the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act, determine the statutory right of the requester to have access to federal information and to simultaneously protect the privacy of individuals,

·         Analyze the content of records or disclosure packages to resolves complex, controversial and highly sensitive cases which may require consultation and resolution of issues involving the requesters, third parties, other federal institutions and other governments, international, provincial or municipal,

·         Analyze RCMP information and documentation for disclosure to requesters or their appointed representatives,

·         Identify duplicate and non-relevant records and support these decisions with documented justification,

·         Assimilate and synthesize information from a range of sources (e.g., access and privacy issues and related legislation, regulations, jurisprudence, central agency policies and guidelines) to formulate a reasoned RCMP position in support of exemption and exclusion provisions of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act. Positions adopted must be sustainable in law,

·         Develop recommendations and rationales on the interpretation of the ATIP legislation relating to highly sensitive cases for the Branch,

·         Prepare proposed disclosure packages for review by the delegated manager,

·         Update the RCMP APCM system for all actions taken on file(s),

·         Provide advice to RCMP staff, stakeholders, and requesters on the interpretation and application of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act and related instruments,

·         Conduct research and analysis in the preparation of ATlP-related correspondence,

·         Lead consultations with other government agencies and third parties concerning perceived risks that may be associated with the release of information found in RCMP files,

·         Write memoranda and correspondence pertaining to the processing of Access to Information Act and Privacy Act requests; and

·         Decisions/recommendations on disclosure or non-disclosure of information must be made within the legislative requirements of the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act.


The Contractor's resources may be required to:

·         Negotiate, develop and implement strategies for the resolution of complaints under investigation by the Office of the Information Commissionaire and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner,

·         Deliver training on Access to Information Act and Privacy Act requirements and related Treasury Board Secretariat guidelines, directives and policies,

·         If required, explain the RCMP's position in order to satisfy the investigation on the correctness of the action taken by the RCMP, and negotiate a resolution that the Office of Information Commissionaire and/or the Office of Privacy Commissioner, and the RCMP deem satisfactory to resolve the complaint, and

·         Instances where legislation is unclear or does not specifically address a given situation; where the holder of the requested information is adamant about exempting or excluding information, the Contractor's resources will ensure that the issue is escalated within the RCMP ATIP management structure for resolution.





·         Must demonstrate that each of the proposed resources have ten (10) years of experience, prior to bid closing, in reviewing all of the following:

       Processing access to information (ATIP) requests and files at the Canadian Federal        Government level, and Provincial Affairs; and

             Access to information request exceeding 1,000 pages in size.


·         Must demonstrate that each of the proposed resources have experience in providing

recommendations to ATIP Coordinators.


·         Must demonstrate that each of the proposed resources have experience in addressing complaints from all of the following:

      The Offices of the Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner, and

                    Defend exemptions applied under the Acts which resulted in successful resolution.


·         Must demonstrate that each of the proposed resources have experience using an ATIP Case Management System (APCM) in the

Canadian Federal Government.



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